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A major breakthrough in science and medicine is the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Camera invented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and sold by GDVsource. GDVsource was recently named by KTI, the original manufacturer of the device, as the official GDV Education, Testing & Research facility in North America, as well as the first North American GDV Service/Repair Center. Equipped with sophisticated software, the GDV camera offers many innovative technology solutions and myriad of benefits to both patients and professionals in the medical and science fields.

The GDV camera is a biomedical device that is used to measure a subject’s energy fields. The level of detail that can be interpreted from the camera and the related GDV software programs is unsurpassed in the world of science. The nonintrusive fingertip readings and analysis provide a deep and revealing level of evaluation of both the psycho-emotional and physical energy fields. The captured emissions are processed through a proprietary software suite and displayed as energy levels in the organ systems, whole body energy fields, and the Chakra alignment. Further, health care professionals can evaluate which body systems are burdened by stress-related issues, or if a physical pathology exists. Health professionals can treat the issue and have the subject repeat the analysis at a later date to validate the treatment plan’s efficacy.

The GDV camera is also used by researchers as a noninvasive tool to measure energy fields of humans or elementals, such as water, soil, plants, and the environment. Any type of energy study in the biomedical industry could benefit from utilizing this state-of-the-art camera. Additionally, the camera is considered the gold-standard worldwide in product studies that evaluate the effects that stimuli, (such as products or modalities), have on subjects. For example, if a researcher is attempting to study the effects of a nutritional supplement on a subject’s energy level, the GDV can be used as an energy baseline to aid researchers in data interpretation.

Professionals who could greatly benefit from using GDV photography include doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, holistic heath care practitioners, athletic trainers, life coaches and medical consultants. There are GDV products available that can fit any type of budget. Financing is available upon request. For any questions regarding the benefits of GDV products, please contact GDVsource today.

DISCLAIMER: GDVsource provides energy evaluation for clients using the GDV professional cameras. The evaluations should not be considered to be a medical diagnosis, nor a substitute for medical testing and treatment with a licensed doctor.