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Welcome to GDVsource!

GDVsource was established in 2009 by Mary Milroy, and is operated by Mary and Natalina Khavkin. As a dedicated healthcare practitioner and researcher, Mary Milroy has been using Kirlian technology for many years. She was asked by the renowned physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov several years ago to represent his visionary work with the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) camera as the East Coast representative for KTI, - home of the original GDV camera - in the USA. She is passionate about the necessity of harmonizing the mind, body and spirit as a means of obtaining and maintaining a healthy, happy and productive life.

This sophisticated electrophotonic technology provides the user with the essential tools and analysis techniques needed to assess the body’s current condition and subsequently monitor changes to help an individual accomplish a whole-body balance that otherwise would be more difficult to measure and direct.

Official GDV products provide doctors, researchers, healthcare practitioners, athletic trainers, and medical and wellness product consultants with the gold standard for measuring the Human Biofield, using a system that is recognized and accepted by science and medical communities worldwide.

There are GDV products available to suit a wide variety of applications and budgets. GDVsource is 100% committed to providing official GDV equipment as well as tools and solutions that improve the way you do business with the GDV product line. We want to hear from new prospective users and loyal customers like you. Follow us on Facebook at “GDVsource” and Twitter at @gdvmary, and tell us know what you think about our products and technical support. Your feedback forges a path to offer continued improvements of service and products.

Mary Milroy – CEO of GDVsource
BSIE, Dipl. Esogetic Medicine, Dipl. Ac (NCCAOM)


Mary has combined an engineering and light medicine background in cutting edge technology with ancient Chinese healing techniques for patients suffering from chronic physical and emotional pain for the past 20 years. Her therapies include Colorpuncture, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbology, and she is considered an expert in Esogetic Medicine, having received her Diplome from the Mandel Institute in Germany. Further, she is one of less than ten doctorates practicing Esogetic Medicine in the United States today.

Her clinical experience also includes 14 years of using Kirlian photography (Peter Mandel’s system) as well as GDV photography as an energy measurement system. Mary founded GDVsource in 2009, after meeting with Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and becoming the East Coast KTI distributor.

Mary’s goal as a distributor for KTI is to increase the network of GDV users within the United States and worldwide, and to offer basic and advanced level user training as well as attentive support service to her client network.

Natalina Khavkin – GDVsource Director of Education,
Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), certified Esogetic Colorpuncturist & Acutonics Sound Therapist.

Natalina is considered an international expert in GDV analysis. She has been a practitioner of vibrational healing for the past 20 years, and was certified by KTI and GDVsource as a Level 1 & 2 GDV Certification Instructor. She brings a strong clinical background in western medical science and vibrational medicine to developing her GDV certification classes and webinars with a focus on increasing the clinical and diagnostic skills of all GDV researchers and users.

Natalina is also working with Mary Milroy and KTI on the development of the GDVUltra footplate. Additionally, they are currently working on several research projects together including a dolphin energy study, Chakra sound therapy analysis, and structured water analysis using the GDV camera and the Fifth Element.