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Lectures and Workshops

Provide a basic yet informative introduction to subtle energy field analysis. The workshops offer an introduction to the most important basics of Biophotonics. Various ways of using the devices and software modules of the EPC/GDV Technology in daily practice for health practitioners, wellness centers and for laboratory work are discussed and demonstrated. Further, Biophotonic imaging can be provided for the participants.

Introductory Seminars

These seminars provide more detailed insights into the functional principles of the EPC/GDV Technology and familiarize the user with practical applications of this technology in the areas of health and wellness care, monitoring therapeutic efficacy, sports performance, psycho-emotional analysis, research in geopathic energy analysis of spaces and in material testing. Seminars are recommended for those interested in measuring bio-energy fields but would like to gain a deeper understanding of the applied technology and methods before purchasing GDV devices.

Certification Training for Professional GDV Users

Level 1 and Level 2 Certification Training prepares the user for working on a professional level with measurements and analysis of energetic phenomena by applying the EPC/GDV Technology. Certification training provides users with practical as well as theoretical experience, which provides a strong basis for implementation into practice within a working environment. The student is able to work on a professional level with the EPC/GDV Technology upon completion of the training and to maximize their investment. Training is offered on two levels of content and complexity:

Level 1 Certification: Measuring, analyzing and documenting of energy field properties with focus on the Human body.

Level 2 Certification: Advanced interpretation of energy field measurements, laboratory work and statistical analysis for professional EPC/GDV applications and for scientific research of energy field properties of Humans, plants and for material testing.

Personal GDV Training for Specialists

Personal training is desirable for those working on high-profile EPC/GDV projects, research, or practical applications of different kinds of energy fields, with methods of generating subtle energy fields or with methods of energy treatments for people with certain health challenges. Personal training provides fast and direct access to expert knowledge in the area of energy field analysis for integration into the experience base. Training is conducted by an experienced EPC/GDV specialist in order to build up a profound knowledge base for analysis of bio-energy fields using the EPC/GDV Bioelectrography. All practical experience can be directly implemented into projects. GDVsource maintains over eleven years of experience in working with Kirlian Analysis and EPC/GDV Technology.

Professional User Conferences

Ultimately, a knowledgeable and accessible network of GDV professionals, users, and enthusiasts is essential to keep this powerful body of subtle energy measurement work moving forward.

Future development of EPC/GDV Bioelectrography benefits strongly from continued research on a university level and from new developments of devices and methods for analysis of bio-energy fields. Besides new add-on devices and cameras, additional software modules of analysis and interpretation software become available. User Conferences provide an efficient means to:


Webinars can be offered for any level of user experience, Please contact GDVsource regarding interest in upcoming EPC/GDV webinars, or for having a webinars prepared to meet specific needs.