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Geopathic and Consciousness Analysis

The Influence of Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Processes on GDV Images

Geopathic Analysis

Any energetic influence to humans and the environment can be measured an analyzed using GDV equipment. Devices such as the GDV Eco-tester and the Fifth Element are used to measure physical and energetic processes of the material world. The energy of organic substances such as water, blood, essential oils, food products, nutritional supplements, gemstones, minerals and soil are some of the samples that have been measured using GDV devices.

An interesting aspect of GDV applications is the research into consciousness processes. Many years of experimentation have made it possible to identify through electrophotonic imaging altered states of consciousness (ASC). These are states which a person enters during meditation, mental training, prayer, or when under the influence of drugs, psychedelics or anesthesia. For many years the energy of Russian extrasensories, Chinese Qi-gong masters, and healers in the USA, Russia and Germany has been measured. Nearly all of these observations produced signs of ASC. This demonstrates that consciousness processes are apparent within the physiological energy measured by the GDV method. This relates to biology as much as to physics and chemistry. Therefore, only influence of consciousness on physiological or physical processes can be measured.